expression of giving and asking interesting news

Wish you in good mood, so you can do whatever you have planed last night... and today... I'm going to post English Learning about Expression of asking and giving interestING NEWS.

Expression of giving interesting news.

  • i've got something to tell you
  • Guest what!
  • hey, Have you heard that...?
  • Listen to this!
  • Let me tell you about it!
  • that's about...
  • Do you know what?
  • can you believe this?
  • Believe it or not....

Expression of giving  comment about interesting news

  • Really?
  • Oh?
  • That's terrific
  • What?
  • Are you joking?
  • Where? show me
  • Unbeliveable

Example in conversation:
Inggrisandonk : hi, you look so happy!
Student : sure... Guest what! Igot you motorcycle from my father.
inggrisandonk : Oh yeach? Congratulations!

Klik link below to look a video about giving interesting news

Hope this post useful for you